Sweet Life in Stockholm, part I

Beautiful Stockholm has a lot to offer Berit and her companions, day and night. In addition to finding the sweet and cool Lykke Li dancing at the club in Berns hotel,  we also found some great shops and restaurants around the city.

If you’re looking for good drinks and great food, you should visit Marie Lavaeau. It`s a cajun/creole restaurant to Mariatorget on Söder. They also have a gallery, a bar and a club in the basement (with the last smoking room in Stockholm- and probably in the whole of Scandinavia). The club downstairs did not convince this particular Friday night, but judging from the crowd in the restaurant and bar this could definitely be the place to be another night.

Finally, a few tips in Gamla Stan, which has a bad rep when it comes to food and bars. Avoiding the most touristy streets, you’ll find a lot of interesting places. Such as Vapiano, serving you great, fresh Italian food at good prices in a relaxed atmosphere. Next time we’ll check out Djuret, the restaurant that only serves one animal at the time. A sustainable restaurant with great interior!

On Saturday night it was time to shake around to Djuma Soundsystem, who were playing  funky minimal electronica at Berns new club project. Djuma Soundsystem is building a reputation in the clubbing world, so this was a good pick, Lykke Li!

So what do you do to end a n eventful weekend in the Swedish capital? You go for a relaxing Sunday jazzbrunch, next to Södermalm teater to enjoy a tasty buffet and a great band, cool of together with a bunch of laidback people @ wonderful Söder.

Lykke Li and me!

Me @ Sunday brunch!

Party people @ Berns!

Mikkas and Lars from Djuma Soundsystem and me @ Berns

Me @ funky sushiplace!

Walls @ PUB!

Me @ Vapiano!

Art @ Marie Laveau


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