Shoreditch & Dalston clubbing

Saturday nights in London are made for fun and fun loving peeps. I had a close encounter with the hot bartender at The George and Dragon, who showed of her funky tattoos and I liked it. If you ever have the chance to visit this bar, watch out for a chewing horse and crazy interior. Pumping music and funky boys and girls fell in love with me at the Joiners Arms. Check out the hot girl who matched my skin colour. Vogue Fabrics was the last stop for the evening. I ended up in a sandwich with to girls and I got to talk with the British Steve Urkel. Check it out.

I will also recommend the restaurant HIX, where I dined with the always fabulous Alexandra. Love you girl! And by the way, what´s up with the Brits and naughty photos in the rest rooms? Nudity is obviously the new loud within restaurant interior. And I like it.


The little girls powder room at HIX.

The little girls' powder room at HIX.

Bartender at The George & Dragon.

Bartender at The George and Dragon




Alexandra and me!


Girls at the door.


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