Rocking the mountains in Hemsedal

After spending quite a few nights in different clubs around the world it was time for me to explore the Norwegian mountains in Hemsedal where I took part in the first Scandinavian Ski Pride called Skeive Ski. I needed some fresh clean air, but as the party girl I am, I got to have a dance at the after ski at skistua and at Hemsen as well. I’ve never been skiing before, and 3 days of skiing and partying is quite exhausting, but so much fun. Skiing down the hills really gave me an adrenalin kick.

Thanks to all the organiser of Skeive Ski –  You did a great job and I had a blast. I wanna come back next year!

Lots of love!


Decorated skies with bling and rainbow flags.

I fell in love with the pink skies

I'm ready for some action!

View from the lift

View from the lift

Fabulous Swede.


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