Put equal amounts Ramones, Ronettes, John Waters and homo-eroticism in a blender, add ice, and shake it all together and voila: you get the perfect band, Hunx And His Punx.

Hunx himself is like a bright pink drink served with dirty, sexy and rude comments on the side. Seth Bogart, also known as Hunx, is also known as a member of the notorious electro-quartet Gravy Train!!!! I was so lucky to meet Hunx before and after the concert at Garage in Oslo. As you can see we sat and talked by the flowers, did a little jumpscene together, and I also got to feel his nuts after the show (just like some in the audience got to during the concert), and later I hooked up with his extremely hot bandgirls, that was all into me. No comment!

For those of you who missed the show, here is a video to let you know just what you missed out on.

enjoy the pics!


Hunx and me jumping.

Hunx and me after the show.

Hot bandgirl and me.

Hunx and me posing with tulips in the back.


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