Let’s celebrate!

Last night I was so lucky to attend the 3-month birthday party for the store Flashdance, driven by fantastic Miss Harmonica. It was 20% on all of the sequins and 10% for the rest of all vintage. Wow!  Miss Harmonica have also included some new amazing things you can check out here and here.

No Dial Tone played great music throughout the evening and I took me a good long chat with the lovely girls. My wet dream Kjersti Vatle Toresen was also present at the party, I got to meet her and she was even cooler than I thought. Some of the fantastic things she design, you can check out here.

The upcoming weekend going to be lots of fun, and I will be buzzing around the city of Oslo. Look out for me!

Miss Harmonica

Miss Kjersti Vatle

Håkon Bogen aka hamabeads-man

No Dial Tone


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