Bloggeti-ti bloggeti-ta!

I’ve had an incredibly busy week and have not really been doing much. Belinda and I have argued quite alot at Skype, but we are still together and I am extremely fond of her. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you up to date.

I do not have a lot to get through today, but I’ve surfed around a bit in the blog universe again and it’s very many good blogs out there, which I think you should check out.

Are you into crazy paintings and funny drawings , move your butt to this site!

The girls running 2BD, will pick you up on whats hot, check it out

The french artist called P. Nicolas Ledoux, has som amazing work. Do you like drawings and other creative stuff, klick this link.

Patricia field will inspire you, check it out

And finally, I just have to post this. She my muse and musical inspiration , check it out!


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