After a long and bumpy ride over the Atlantic, I dropped off my luggage at the East Village B&B and decided to embrace the jet lag over some food and drinks at one of my favourite spots, LIPS.  The girls at LIPS are giving their all to deliver the finest in dragqueen dining and sure knows how to entertain, making fun of the guests and poking at each other («So, what do you call Mary-Kate Olsson with a yeast infection? A quarterpounder with cheese». )

Big thanks to Frankie Cocktail, Sultana and the other girls for putting on a great show. And not to forget the amazing Lion King performance by diva extraordinaire Ginger ! I was lucky enough to meet girls after a couple of sessions with Bitchy Bingo..

If you visit NYC, this should be experienced. Make a reservation , the restaurant is small.

Diva extraordinaire Ginger and me

Blackie O and me

Frankie Cocktail and me


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