Keith Haring, New museum and dining!

This has been a fantastic day. We went to the LGBT house in West Village, and there it was, the Keith Haring bathroom. We also went New museum to see Skin fruits, curated by Jeff Koontz. The elevetor doors were decorated in fantastic black and white. The Guggenheim exhibition «Haunted» was also amazing, including works from Andy Warhol and contemporary artists such as Sally Mann and Nate Lowman.

And now for some dining tips for those of you that are travelling to NYC. The Momoufuku noodle bars are definitely worth visiting. I met an amazing waitress there, and the food was rocking. I also recomend you to visit the award winning restaurant Public in Nolita. Go there on a Sunday to try out the Sunday supper. The chefs try out new dishes every Sunday, and its definitely worth the wait (It took some time to get all dishes served, but the venue and the food was amazing).

XOXO Berit


The kiss

Cum on wall


Elevator door @ New museum

Funky waitress @ Momofuku

Brickwalldick at the LGBT-house


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