Sunny day with Fam Irvoll

A few days ago I was so lucky to meet up with the wonderful, sweet and funny designer Fam Irvoll. We hung out in the sun, took some nice pictures and talked about life, music, Eurovision and of course, sewing. Fam graduated from Esmod in 2005 and later from Central ST Martins in London. Some of the big names in music and fashion have put Fam Irvoll design out there. Check out what Lady Gaga says, and what Tyra wears on her head.

Check out the photo at the bottom of the post to see me posing with Fam Irvoll design.



Fam and me

Me wearing Fam Irvoll design.


One response to “Sunny day with Fam Irvoll

  1. WOW, and you know what Berit… you look MUCH better than Tyra «Me Me Me» Banks wearing Fam’s cake-crown. And it’s exactly your size, lucky you!

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