Clumsy? That’s me!

I had big plans for Skeive Dager this year. For observant readers, I got no documentation from Skeive Dager last year,  my camera broke just before the fun started. This year however I had completely different plans, Aksepts store hagefest, Melodi Kvasi Grand prix. There is no documentation on this unfortunately. The reason is. I walked on a spike and twisted my ankel on sunday, the same way this unlucky girl also did. I can not move outside before tomorrow. But tomorrow I am so lucky that that im going Oslo Fagottkor. On Saturday I hope to see the parade and at do some dancing to the beats of my favorite DJ, Dj Deadswan! He is playing in the pride park at 20.00. Be there! hopefully there will be som good pictures from the events I’m attending.

Check out my new headpiece!


On crutches!

Me sleeping.

Me relaxing, keeping my foot up high!


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