Parade and Pride park!

On Saturday, I was out and about relaxing in the sun. Some of my friends and I started the day attending the gay parade at Grønland. After the parade we had lunch at the nice architectural museum. The cafe located at the end of the museum called Cafe Grosh is the best place to have lunch on a sunny day in Oslo. After lunch we turned our heads down to Pride Park. A good vibe and fun music from the amazing DJ Deadswan (And to you in white outfit who were rude to my homeboy Deadswan, grow up!) made the setting perfect!

Skeive dager are over for now, next year will be documented in a completely different way as previous year, (If I do not mess it up again by doing something clumsy). Thanks to all who posed with me this year.


My name-sister Berit Bislett, Mutter'n and me posing.

Friends posing

Beauty and me

Erlend Bratland fra Norske talenter and me posing

Pink people meeting

Fab friend @ Grønland


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