Oslo Live + Afterparty

Crystal Castles always deliver, and Alice Glass is amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the concert Sissor Sisters gave. A welltrimmed vocalist made the audience crazy, but for me it became a bit to artificial and designed after a while. After the two concerts I went to an afterparty at Sukkerbiten where Dj Deadswan og Dj Whore More played fun music. Fab night out.


Dj Whore More and me

The great vocalist in Bazooka Boopers and me

Funky young people and me

They know how to make a party happen, me posing with the Fire-club hosts.

Scissor Sisters!

Funky, funky, funky!

Crystal Castles!


One response to “Oslo Live + Afterparty

  1. Love @ Berit for being noted as funky, young people. ❤

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