Skeive filmer in Oslo

Right now the queer film festival «Skeive filmer» is happening, so make sure you find your favourites in the program. Friday I was at the opening party and hung out with Gerald McCullouch, known from CSI, as well as having a quick chat with Fam Irvoll and her crazy friend who got hungry for me. The Dobermann and the Chiuauas also gave two great performances on Friday at Fugazi.

I also hooked up with the amazing French artist Chris Von Steiner, who’s exhibiting some of his works down at Cinemateket. It’s definitely worth a trip down in Dronningens gate.

Gerald McCullouch

Dobermann & The Chiuauas

Dobermann & The Chiuauas

The director of Skeive Filmer Bård Ydeen and me

Fam Irvoll and crazy friend trying to eat me!

Chris Von Steiner and me

4 responses to “Skeive filmer in Oslo

  1. You are one hot little piece of groupie dear Berit!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

    Greetings Dobbermann & The Chouauas

  2. OOOOOPS… my pets will kill me… I meant Chiuauas, of course :-)))

  3. famsi sin fiiiiiiiiiiine venn er den fantastiske designeren stian tjernsmo AKA LEash. Leash består av av Stian Tjernsmo og sjur lien og de er virkelig en av de aller beste designerne i norge. hurraaaaa

  4. I know! They are great!

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