Saturday Nights are fun!

While Gaga (yes, it would have been fun meeting her, but I’m sure we will meet in the future) was in town I hooked up with the Queen of Norwegian pop, Bertine Zetlitz. We enjoyd a few drinks and had fun. Then Bertine got pissed at me for being too greedy on the booze.

Bertine and me
Bertine and me

BTW, I was lucky to meet a Gaga look-like. She was so eager to pose with me, and I’m always up for it.

Fun times!

Fun times!


One response to “Saturday Nights are fun!

  1. That Lady Gaga lookalike looked almost more like Lady Gaga than Lady Gaga does herself…. hmmm a bit too much Ga Ga in my mouth there… my tongue almost got twisted!

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