Happy Saturday!

Oslo’s freezing these days, even for a funky chick like myself. But good people are still out & about. Like my friend Kjell, who has made his own little embroidery for the fab book Geriljabroderi. Saturday night I rocked up at club FYC (Fuck Yeah Cuntchitas) @ Sjokoladefabrikken for a concert and dancing. This is definitely the spot for hooking up with the cool and foxy girls of Oslo. Big shout out to Why Control who played a wicked concert!

DJ Mariann and me

Funky wall, love it

OMG, what a beautiful girl. I feel so lucky!

Kjell and me posing in front of Kjell's gerillja work

Funky face

C Cool girls posing with their book project

The beautiful hostesses ot the club Fuck Yeah Cuntchitas


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