Fashion report, Berit style!

You all know that I’m totally in it for the fashion and cool & creative people. So here are my tips on who to look out for in the near future.

BTW: Tone Dumli-Damli was awarded Best Dressed Woman at the Costume Awards. B-b-boring! Next year I’m cheering for Mariann Thomassen or Hanneli Mustaparta. If Costume invite me, that is. Hint, hint!!

Check out my funky tips for 2011!

Twin sisters from the U.S of A! Sunglasses from another world. Insane!

This funny japanese guy have done collections together with Puma for 10 years. He does streetwear in a new and a exciting style. Power to the people!

London-based designer. I’m speechles. This is just freaking lovely!

Swedish homegirl that I really want to meet. Inspired by the Brazilian colourful patterns, and African cuts. Fuck ABBA, go Stina Randestad!

Berlin-based design for both men and women. Funky outfits, check red, gold and black label collections. Accessories are coming up. I’m fucking excited!

Norwegian designer that I’m a big fan of. In 2011 she is launching her first men’s collection. Check it out!

OHHHHH funky necklaces! I want them all!

Funky men’s designer, with patterns from another world! Love the shorts and the shirts!


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