Hard Ton: The Interview

Some divas are bigger than others. I got my pink bum in action and sent a few questions to Hard Ton, my kind of disco queen!

The one and only

Mr VJ and me!

1. Who’s Hard Ton?
A hot cappuccino with bacon sliced beats with sequins on top.

2. Who are your idols?
Freddy Mercury and Geoff Tate.

3. What other artists inspire you?
Sylvester, Madonna, Cicciolina, Leigh Bowery, Patrick Cowley, Nick Rhodes, Tadanori Yokoo… a lot!

4. Favourite tune at the moment?
Discodromo featuring Miss Plug Inn: Stars & Rain

5. Put your iPod on shuffle. Which five songs comes up and can you tell me briefly about what the five songs bring up to your mind?
Elektrik Dred: Butter up (Gimme some bread)
Queensryche: Take Hold Of The Flame
David Bowie: Hey Dj
Dream Theater: Scarred
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit

… i might update my Ipod soon

6. Where is Hard Ton in 5 years?
Singing for the Queen of England.

7. Do you have a motto or manifest?
Size does matter!

8. Describe your dream man?
Chris O’Donnell 10 years ago dressed up like Robin.

9. Reveal something nobody knows about Hard Ton?
Once upon a time I was slim.


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