West to East – Perfect sunday places!

I’m a girl who knows how to get around town. Last Sunday I strolled down for lunch @ the beautiful Kolonihagen based @ Frogner. They serve tasty ecological food, and healthy drinks. There’s also a nice flowershop right next door. One warning, though; don´t go for the carrot cake. Looks can be deceiving;  the cake was dry and the icing tasteless and watery. Definitely room for improvement. Mind you; the best carrot cake in town you’ll find at Kaffe Gram @ Sagene.

Every evening Lofthus Samvirkelag turns Åpent Bakeri into a great pizza place. The interior is great and they have a tasty menu of pizzas with both traditional (parma) and untraditional (reindeer) toppings. It’s worth checking out, but book a table in advance.


The waitreses @ Lofthus Samvirkelag


Rustique Kolonihagen


The Backyard/Flowershop


Don't forget that you are number 31 in line!



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