N.Y.C eating!

Welcome to Berit’s Top three spots for eating in N.Y.C


Go there for lunch, dinner and or a late night snack. This is the place. It’s not possible to order a table. You have to stand in line to get a table. It’s worth it! I do recomend the buns, with pork/shiitake – hoisin, scallion, cucumber and the spring withruby shrimp – green olive, radish, cucumber. Momofuku is actually one of the 25 top restaurant in the world.

Look for this sign, and proceed to food-paradise!


Everything about Baltazar is amazing. This is how close you get to Paris while in N.Y.C!

Paris in N.Y.C


I found this on the Matsuri web-site and I think i rounds up everything this experience was all about! «Matsuri has quickly won a devoted following for its vibrant, contemporary cooking and defined a new style of Japanese dining in New York. » Ask the waiter to set a menu for the party, it’s a wrap!

Got the Kill Bill feel entering this restaurant

(My camera broke so I had to get the picture online, don’t shoot me!)


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