Meet my friend Rufus, living in NYC!

Every time I’ve been in New York City I’ve been hanging out with my good friend Rufus. He’s hot hot hot and has a weakness for drag queens…

Check out his story and his NYC summer update:

“In my early days in London I experimented with make-up,women’s clothes and for six months I worked as a male prostitute. I had an outlandish appearance where I wore bright make-up, dyed my long hair crimson, painted my fingernails and wore sandals to display my painted toe-nails.

I attempted to join the British army, but was rejected and declared exempt by the medical board on the grounds that I was «suffering from sexual perversion». In reaction to that I packed up my bags, stocked up on cosmetics, purchased five pounds of henna and moved to NYC. Upon where I paraded through the streets, picking up American soldiers, whose kindness and open-mindedness inspired love of all things American.

Fabulous days and fabulous nights followed in NYC; living on peanuts and champagne, one could quite easily live by going to every cocktail party, premiere and first night to which one was invited. And this is how I met Berit…”

Fire Island must have more drag queens than anywhere else in the world. I love it!

Hit the tiles on a few nights out with Skeive Berit at this amazing sake bar

I promise those tits where massive! I almost drowned....

Jacqueline hosting karaoke at the Barracuda Bar NYC.

Ride my Yarn Bombed Bike

Gay Icecream! Love it!


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