Streets of Warsawa

My recent stay in Warsawa, Poland was amazing. The people was somewhat rude to me, but I like them anyway. I got to see the streets of Warsawa. Hope you will enjoy yhe pitures.

One more thing. If you go to Warsawa you have to visit SOLEC. What do you get if you go to SOLEC: cozy enviorment, exciting food and the staf is looking HOT! (I did not get the time to have a picture with the staf but they wanted me to recomend their place)

Never look back!



Lazy friends

My little Pony, ahhhhh!

Just super




One response to “Streets of Warsawa

  1. I’m sorry people were rude. They sometimes are.
    Solec is great, I really like going there. The games are fun!
    One note: the picture which you captioned «just super» really says «jest super», which means something like «it’s great».

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