I’ts 2012, and I’m still going to give you all the good things that I have been giving you the last few years. But from now on I’m also going to give you interviews with people I admire and adore.

First up is Bestmedbart!

1. In a few words, who is Bestmedbart?

Luca, transman, blogger and queer.

2. Why are you blogging ?

It’s therapeutic for me and I use the blog as a place where I can share my thoughts about my life and about being me. I also want to give people a chance to get to know a transperson go through on a daily basis.

3. Who is your idol?

James Darling!
He is a porn actor, transgender and very queer. Love him!

4. Name your three favourite tracks @ the moment?

1. Gartnerlosjen – Hammer av saft.
2. Minor Majority – Her kind of guy.
3. Anything by Åge Aleksandersen

5. What’s your motto:

Livet er best med bart, men bart er ikke best!

6. Favorite website:

I heart Bestmedbart!


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