Guest blog by Julemannen

Last weekend I met up with the crazy, funky and joyful Julemannen. When I asked him what he wanted to share with my people, he came up with this:

Only 301 non-Christmas days left!

Julemannnen also known as The Christmas man never sleeps. Time to look at upcoming yuletide trends. Julemannen took a trip with international trendsetter Skeive Berit for inspiration.

We found out that Christmas chic can be found in the most unlikely places. Spangrudlia, a rural mountain resort in Norway, is a hot spot for design and innovation.

Birdhouses seems to be this year’s must-have item, with or without jewels. Colourful forest animals and koo koo clocks are also in fashion. For natural looking decorations, we recommend twigs covered with moss and miniature pine cones.

Old, traditional, yellow...

Oh joy!

Julemannen himself!


Flamboyant Birds Welcome

Pink reindeer


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