In need of a chill pill

All right, it’s probably time for me to take my pink chill pill, but I just need to get this outta my system:

To all you haters out there:

1. Dont fucking steal! Somebody stole my brand new ACNE scarf @ London Pub. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s not nice.

2. Racism is fucking sad! A friend of my was wearing a t-shirt with a print of Jay-Z out to a club. A conversation follows:

2 young guys with bad hair: Who is that black guy on your t-shirt?
Friend: It’s Jay-Z..
2 young guys with bad hair: The t-shirt is nice, but why do you bother having a print of black, ugly man?
Friend: What was that?
2 young guys with bad hair: Get that black guy off your t-shirt! He is a fucking negro!
Friend: %XC#!?X$%

That’s the symbol og my friends wanting to punch their faces and rip their hair outta their simple skull. Instead he shook his head and left the losers hanging.  Dancing to Swedish Eurovision winner, Euphoria, got it outta his system, almost!

Watch out! The next time I see you two sober, I’m going to teach you a lesson.


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