Mastermind of Skeive Filmer!

As I promised all you readers out there, for 2012 I’m giving you interwievs with people I admire and adore. First up was bestmedbart. Today it’s time for you to meet the amazing Bård and talked to him about both Skeive Filmer, what he likes to drink and where he likes to travel and a lot more. Enjoy!

1.In five words, who is Bård?

A movie-loving balding weirdo?

2. Do you have a favorite drink? And when is the best time to drink it?

Right now I’m into Oriental Ball Punch: Absolut Orient Apple, cranberry and fresh grapefruit juice.
I can’t find a time it’s not appropriate to have one. It’s like superfood with a kick.

3. What is your favourite place to travel?

The US: New York, Seattle, San Francisco and LA. I have a lot of friends there I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

4: Favorite App on you bedazzeled I-phone? And why?

Spotify – it’s the one app I never get sick of. I occationally Scruff, too.

5. What was the best moment and worst moment at Skeive Filmer  2012?

I have to say the best thing was the amazing feedback from the audience and our guests.
The worst, as it is every year, is the moment before I go onstage for opening and closing night. I have terrible stage fright, and I’m much more comfortable being a «background gay». ‘Cause I’m fat.

6. I have always wanted to go to an LGBT film festival outside Norway. You have been around a few (men), so which festival should I pay a visit? And why? 

Frameline in San Francisco is great. The Castro Theater is beautiful and seats around 1400 people, and there’s this amazing feeling of being part of a community that we don’t have over here. As for men, the Seattle festival can be summed up in one word: Damn!

7. Whats the worst ever LGBT movie you have seen? 

It’s hard to pick just one, but «Kissing Jessica Stein» pissed me off. Every copy of that film should be burned.

8. I know you have some gossip: Tell me anything!

I never kiss and tell…but I know where the sauna John Travolta used to frequent is.

9.  Dilemma: You are an adviser at a school: A boy comes to your office with a statement; Is ok to touch yourself when you hear your parents have sex? What is your response?

Of course it’s ok! In fact, I would strongly encourage it.
Just cover your ears with your hands as hard as you can, pray it’ll soon be over and that you’ll be able to forget it.

10. If you were to pick the sexiest man on earth, who would that be?

Impossible question! I’m just gonna go with a quote: «I see you have tattoos and a beard. Excuse me while I take my clothes off».

The mastermind and me


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