Recap of Skeive Filmer 2012

Oh lordy! This year’s Skeive Filmer festival was amazing. We had so many excellent movies and terrific guests attending. I think the number of good quality movies portraying LGBT issues are increasing, which also make them available for a bigger audience than before.

At the moment Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) is screening a lot of the movies that were on at Skeive Filmer.  Call me KuchuKeep The Lights On, Skeive Filmer’s opening movie Vito, the hilarious Gayby and the touching Facing Mirrors will be screning at BIFF this coming week. Don’t miss out!

The sexy, adorable and talented Guinevere Turner

Good looking actors of Bear City, Gerald McCullouch and Stephen Guarino

The always fab Jonathan Lisecki, maker of Gaybe


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