Mykki Blanco @ Blå!

Mykki Blanco is the next big thing! The concert @ Blå this week really blew my mind! Mykki Blanco is the female, rapping alter ego of 24-year-old poet, actor and author Michael Quattlebaum.

From what we’re told, this talented artist arrived in NYC ten years ago, with only a few dollars in his pocket. Having nowhere to sleep, he stayed up all night or crashed with men he met in bars, putting together a wardrobe from thrift stores and shoplifting. Which makes the guy even fiercer. Looook out world -here comes Mykki Blanco!

Snapshots from Blå!

Snapshots from Blå!

Photo by Reidar Engesbak

Photo by Reidar Engesbak


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