Guestblog by Julemannen – turned Easterbunny!

Easter is round the corner. I, Julemannen has replaced my christmas-angelwings and santa hat with something more suitable for springtime –Easterbunny ears.

I met up with my favourite pink girlfriend to create new trends for the spring season. Follow our tips and get an elegant and chic Easter.

Easter is all about fertility and renewal. The image of eggs and innocent Easter chicks symbolizes new beginnings. The easter bunny is a potent symbol of reproduction.

A glamourous pair of Easterbunny ears is a must-have for the Easter party. Hop around with a pair of these and your fellow party bunnies will flock around you as if you were a crisp and tasty carrot.


Hanging eggs on twigs is not an option if you want to be fashionable. The modern Easter decorator lays his pastel eggs in man made nests.


For a more down to earth Easter statement, put flowers in eggshells.


Happy Easter


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