Suzanne Aabel – the one and only!

I ran into the satan loving , fun girl , blogger, mother and music lover Suzanne Aabel the other day. She gave me the look of death, and I immediately fell in love with this bombshell of a woman!

1: Who are you? (ASL)

I am Suzanne. Not a woman. But a eastern european machine. Some say I have The Jewngle Fever.

2: Describe yourself in 3 words

Dark, funny and hungry.

3: If you were to go down on a girl, who would that be and why?

Well… Then you have to ask the girls i actually have gone down on. But 90% of them are «straight» and in «monogamous» relationships.

4: Name you top 3 favorite musicians/bands?

Rolling Stones, Slayer, Dixie Chicks.

5: Top 3 things do during summer?

Grilled meat, icecold cold cocktails and hot HAWT SEX!!

6: Tell me about your worst vacation

I must have been the two week jewish summer camp in denmark 1992 when I discovered that my big love and boyfriend Joel Singer was a smoker. And he was only 14. I was 12. Smoking was unforgivable. Two years later i was puffing cigs like a old sailor everyday after school. «Rød Prince» to be correct.

7: You went to Gullruten wearing sexy red high heels and ripped nettingstockings. You looked really darn hot! Can you give me some inside scandals/information from the celebrity afterparty?

THANK YOU SKEIVE BERIT! Thats SO nice of you to say. I left the afterparty to hook up with my latino lover in bergen before DJ`s «Herkules» and «Asbjørn Slettemark» got nekked and made out. I think that was «høydaren.» And i tried to steal the «Farmen» statuette, but it was to heavy to smuggle out. I fell over on the red carpet in my red stilettos and sprained my ankle and it still hurts like FUCKING HELL! Its been three months.

8: I hate walking in the mountains – what’s your least favorite thing to do?

Take out the trash. I HATE earthworms. And everything that has with parklife to do. The other some asshole asked me if i wanted to play «KUBB» in the garden. It pissed me off just to answer «no» to the question. Fucking playing KUBB? Or anything else «playful» in the park. Im am to dark and mysterious and sexy for that shit. I wanna sit under a tree and smoke ciagrettes with a giant hat to save me from the devestating rage of the sun.

9: Name 3 bloggers that people should follow:

«Csangolicius» who makes fucking awesome food. Huffington Post – I dont care if its not a blog I LOVE IT. And when I feel like so visual and mental self harming I read «Fotballfrue» and ponder upon life. And dont understand SHIT.

10: Finally, who’s your favorite gay man?

Barbara Streisand. He rules. Yentl for life!

Suzanne and me

Suzanne and me


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