Popklikktøsen – The Interview.

I sat down with the editor of the fantastic blog Popklikk, Elise Eriksen. I have always been a huge fan and here is your chance to get to know Elise a little bit better. The Berit way, of course.

1: Who is Elise Eriksen? (ASL)
I am a woman at my best age who live at St.Hanshaugen in Oslo with my man and my two weird and fabulous kids.

2: The blog Popklikk has been around for a while. What’s your favourite topic to write about and why?

Check it out here

I love to write about all kinds of pop culture, preferably with a streak of feminism.

3: Which part of a man’s body do you fancy the most?

I love a good butt and nice hands.

4: I guess you will be attending the Øya festival in Oslo this august. What’s your top three lists of artists that people should see?

1. Blur ! My inner 18-year-old girl is lusting for Damond Albarn
2. John Olav Nilsen og gjengen. The classiest man in Norway
3. Tønes. The song ”Lyset” makes me cry every time.
4. Can I also say that I dig Razika?

5: Dilemma: Drink 2 tequila shots once a day the rest of your life or listen to Bonnie Tylers Bitter Blue on repeat for one month?

That´s a tough one as I know for sure that both things will make me throw up. I´ll go for Bonnie. Take the punishment for a month and be done with it. Hell, I might actually enjoy it.

6: What’s your favourite city in Norway and why?

I´m torn between Bergen and Oslo. I was born in Bergen and I really love the rock´n rollness of the place. Bergen is fantastic if you want a great night out with excellent people. This summer I´ve also been filled with so much Oslove. This city has the best beaches and one of my favourite things is riding my bike to different places around Oslofjorden.

7:I know in your younger days, you worked as a waitress in London. Which customers did you hate the most? And why?

I worked in some really quiet, dusty pubs and I really hated old men who fell asleep over their pint. I had to poke them to check if they were still breathing.

8: You have recently been blogging about the new series ”Orange is the new black”. Why do you think this so fabulous?

Don´t get me started. I love everything about it. I love the fact that it´s a bit edgy and surprising. There are some excellent actors in it and it really feels fresh somehow. Watch it!

9: Speaking of ”Orange is the new black” I have to ask you: If you were to go down on a girl, who would that be and why?

I have to admit that I have a huge girlcrush on Laura Prepon , the actress who plays Alex Vause in ”Orange”. Still, if I could pick anyone it would have to be you, Berit. We´ve already shared an open mouth kiss and you seem to know your stuff. You are a little, pink hottie!

Elise and me!

Elise and me!


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