I just need one present this xmas and that’s for JULEMANNEN to blog all year round, not just during his favourite holiday season.

This is too funny!


Julemannen himself!

Julemannen himself!


Styledevil – the interiew!

You know I’m a sucker for funky Oslo girls. One of the funkiest girls around is Styledevil aka Marianne Theodorsen.

This is what happend when I sat down with the beautiful and unique Marianne.

1: What`s your top three must have for stylish guys this fall/winter?

A pair of «come fuck me or I´ll come fuck you» sunglasses, good skincare routines and a pair of good looking shoes made for Norwegian winters. That does not involve UGGs…never.ever.ever. Not in a million years. Nope.

2:You dress insanely cool. Where do you get you inspiration from?

The amazing fountain of life itself inspires me. It´s true!! I´m surrounded by amazing people on a daily basis which sure helps a lot. And then there’s the internet…

3.If you were to be good at one sport, which sport would that be?

Any sport that would do wonders to my increasingly saggy ass. I need help asap!

4. I know you are in a steady relationship with a good looking man, but if you where to kiss a girl, who would that be?

I kiss girls all the time. That´s ok even if you have a boyfriend right?? No?? Oh…I would love to kiss Miranda Kerr or Daria Werbovy…in fact I would love more than a kiss. Hot mamas!

5. What`s your favorite plant?

Lilacs. It´s simply the best smell in the world.

6. I’m always planning my next trip to NYC- where should I go eat, drink or eat & drink?

Go to Cafe Habana and eat grilled corn with chili while you sip on a Mojito. One Mojito is enough to get very tipsy…cheap!! Two mojitos is enough to make you d-r-u-n-k…still cheap! Three mojitos and you´ll end up doing something you might regret…not so cheap.

7. What`s your 2 hot tips for girls next summer?

Smile a lot and listen to happy music every day. Oh..and shake what God gave ya…but that doesn´t mean your shorts need to be THAT..well…short.


I’m back!

Okay, so there has not been a lot of posting lately, I guess I just needed a break and get used to the cold weather.

But thankfully I made it over to Bergen for the Ekko festival. The festival focus mainly on electronica and is held at Østre which is the hub for electronic music in Bergen. Guess who was there? Mykki Blanco!

Mykki’s performance was really tight and I really think he is turning into a fantastic artist. I was lucky enough to hug him after the concert. I also gave him a pearly baby copy of me.

Mykki, me and my pearly friend (present to Mykki)

Mykki, me and my pearly friend (present to Mykki)





Buck Angel!

Last night I ran into one of the most amazing people ever. Buck Angel is the legendary, world’s first ever Female-to-Male (FTM) pornstar. He showed his documentary «Sexing the Transman & Buck Angel».

Thankfully, the world continues to evolve and so should our perception about what is masculine or feminine. Mr Angel encourages us to free our minds, so maybe you should check out either this documentary or some of Buck’s other, naughtier works. Love your vagina!

Mr Angel and me!

Mr Angel and me!

Burger Girl

The Skeive filmer filmfestival kicked off last night with the opening movie «I am Divine» at Cinemateket and a afterparty held at Revolver. Freaks, queers, jury guests and a whole lot of funky people filled the dance floor and the performance by the one and only Burger Girl really made my night. Benjamin, tu es fou!



The Burger Girl and me!

The Burger Girl and me!

Happy Birthday SO

Happy b’day, SO! You truly are the best lesbian bar in Oslo, Norway. SO has been around for 4 years now and I know there will be plenty of lesbian fun to come the next years.

It was a night of glitz and glamour (and mostly tank tops, of course) and I was served cake , popcorn, lollipops and sexy candy lips. Heaven! To top it off Margaret Berger was spinning her favourite tunes. I had a blast – thank you SO and Margareth for makeing this a night to remember.


Todd Terje @ Sukkerbiten!

I was really looking forward to tapping my tiny little feet to Todd Terjes beats, and the legendary Inspector Norse. Did Todd Terje deliver? Yes, absolutely. But whoever was in charge of ticket sales should get a spanking for allowing way too many people in to Sukkerbiten.

Todd Terje and me

Todd Terje and me