Styledevil – the interiew!

You know I’m a sucker for funky Oslo girls. One of the funkiest girls around is Styledevil aka Marianne Theodorsen.

This is what happend when I sat down with the beautiful and unique Marianne.

1: What`s your top three must have for stylish guys this fall/winter?

A pair of «come fuck me or I´ll come fuck you» sunglasses, good skincare routines and a pair of good looking shoes made for Norwegian winters. That does not involve UGGs…never.ever.ever. Not in a million years. Nope.

2:You dress insanely cool. Where do you get you inspiration from?

The amazing fountain of life itself inspires me. It´s true!! I´m surrounded by amazing people on a daily basis which sure helps a lot. And then there’s the internet…

3.If you were to be good at one sport, which sport would that be?

Any sport that would do wonders to my increasingly saggy ass. I need help asap!

4. I know you are in a steady relationship with a good looking man, but if you where to kiss a girl, who would that be?

I kiss girls all the time. That´s ok even if you have a boyfriend right?? No?? Oh…I would love to kiss Miranda Kerr or Daria Werbovy…in fact I would love more than a kiss. Hot mamas!

5. What`s your favorite plant?

Lilacs. It´s simply the best smell in the world.

6. I’m always planning my next trip to NYC- where should I go eat, drink or eat & drink?

Go to Cafe Habana and eat grilled corn with chili while you sip on a Mojito. One Mojito is enough to get very tipsy…cheap!! Two mojitos is enough to make you d-r-u-n-k…still cheap! Three mojitos and you´ll end up doing something you might regret…not so cheap.

7. What`s your 2 hot tips for girls next summer?

Smile a lot and listen to happy music every day. Oh..and shake what God gave ya…but that doesn´t mean your shorts need to be THAT..well…short.



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